The championship

The European Student Championship in Forestry Skills (ESCFS) is a student competition which contains two major parts: the Technical disciplines and the Forestry Course.

There are five technical disciplines (Tree Felling,  Fitting another chain, Bucking by Combined Cuts, Precision bucking and Limbing) and sixteen tasks at the forestry course (The age of the tree, The height of the tree above the ground, The number of the stems per hectare, Basal area (m²/hectare), Slope of terrain in %, Mean diameter, Size of the area, Volume of the standing tree, Volume of the saw log, Sample Plot, Determining tree species, Determining kinds of wood with bark, Determining animals, Diseases and pests, Adventure, First Aid in the forest). The basics of each event you’ll find next as well as a introduction to the forestry course.

There are individual awards for the technical disciplines in total, for each discipline and for the total Forestry Course. Both parts together give a result which determines which student team is European champion for that year.

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